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Simple Commercial Use License

I wanted to make licensing simple for all Fill Your Shop products, and you'll find a copy of that license right here. You'll also find a copy of this license within the PDF linking to your templates and resources.

This license applies to direct purchases only

Bare in mind that this all-inclusive license only applies to products purchased directly from the Fill Your Shop website ( or or from my Etsy store, FYSProductTemplates.

Products purchased on other marketplaces, such as Creative Fabrica, The Hungry JPEG, Design Bundles, or Creative Market, are subject to the license terms of the specific marketplace you purchased from.

Fill Your Shop Commercial License

What you CAN do:

  • Leave as-is or customize the templates with different graphics, photos, fonts, colors, and other design elements.
  • Export as a flattened PDF file and sell that file in your shop or to clients.
  • Export as a flattened graphic file, such as a PNG or JPG, and sell that file in your shop or to clients.
  • Create physical products using files created from the templates
  • Use files created with the templates with Print on Demand services to sell physical products

What you CANNOT do:

  • Share or sell the link to the templates or any files included with the templates
  • Share or sell commercial use, resell, or private label rights to the templates or any files created from the templates. Take a look at our (upcoming) affiliate program instead.
  • List the source files or anything made from the templates on design marketplaces such as Creative Market, Graphic River, The Hungry JPEG, Creative Fabrica, etc.
  • Allow anyone who is not yourself or a member of your team to edit the templates. If a team member edits the templates, it must be on your behalf to be used or sold under your own brand. If they want to use the templates for themselves or someone else, they'll need to buy their own copy.
  • Mention Fill Your Shop, Modern Biz Magic, or Stay Goal'd in relation to your product. Brand it as your own instead!
  • Claim copyright or trademark anything created with the templates. You are purchasing a license to use these resources, not exclusive rights.

Canva Templates using Graphics from the Canva Library

If graphics from the Canva library are used in a Canva template, it will be mentioned within the template download file. All Canva graphics used in any template will fall under their Content License Agreement.